Friday, December 12, 2008

The Scarlet Cord T-Shirt Contest!!!

We're asking YOU to create the next logo to go on The Scarlet Cord T-shirt coming in 2009!!

We will accept most types of media (as long as it will be able to be scanned in to a computer and converted for printing).
Options are: pen, pencil, paint, chalk, or computer generated images.

We will not accept any images that have been previously copyrighted. Please come up with your own original design.

No copyright images
No offensive language
No satanic, cult, etc. symbols
One person per entry
The words “The Scarlet Cord” must be incorporated into the design

Entries will be judged by The Scarlet Cord's Board of Directors.
Deadline is TBA! So get your creative minds cranking!

Prize will be your very own Scarlet Cord T-shirt with YOUR design!

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