Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Join The Scarlet Cord Street Team!!

Do you want to be able to see your favorite Christian bands without having to drive hours away and pay for outrageous ticket prices?? Do you want to be able to earn "rewards" for posting online fliers and getting the word out about our upcoming shows?? If so, The Scarlet Cord Street Team is for you!!

The Street Team is a way to help advertise for upcoming shows and/or events that are being held at The Scarlet Cord. When you sign up, you will receive emails with ways that you can help. Points will be tallied for each "order" you complete (an "order" being a specific instruction by our Street Team coordinators as to how many fliers you must post, etc). You must email proof that you've completed the orders and once it's validated you will be sent an approval email and a running total of points you've earned. Points may be redeemed for any of the rewards, which will be communicated to you by our Street Team coordinators. You're allowed to do as many or as little orders as you want. The biggest benefit of being on The Team is having your voice heard! If you want to help The Scarlet Cord bring in the music that YOU want to hear, then join The Team! Email to join.

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sting200189 said...

i am interested in joining my name is les mccoy i use to go there but that was a long time ago more like the latter half of the 80's and. you can e-mail me at ty les mccoy